October 2013

How to search on the Oracle wildcard characters

Ever need to search for a string value that includes % or _ and end up with unwanted results because those are the Oracle search wildcards? The solution is simple – ESCAPE! SELECT * FROM dba_tables WHERE table_name LIKE ‘%INV^_DETAIL1_’ ESCAPE ‘^’ Now the % and the second underscore will be used as wildcards, but […]

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Inexplicably getting PLS-00907: cannot load library unit SCHEMA_NAME.TABLE_NAME (referenced by SCHEMA_NAME.PACKAGE_NAME)? Oracle’s PLS-00907 can be caused by several issues, but one is, fortunately, easy to fix. It has to do with corruption in the dependencies table, where the timestamp in the dependency table does not match the object’s timestamp in sys.obj$. If you get a […]

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