October 2016

Setting sequences to only even or odd numbers

When using a hot/hot environment with GoldenGate, it is necessary to avoid PK collisions. The standard approach is for one side to use even numbers and the other to use odd. Here’s a script that will change all the sequences within a schema to either even or odd: DECLARE PROCEDURE set_sequence (i_owner IN VARCHAR2, i_sequence […]

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Identify what tables are updated

Sometimes it is necessary to find if there are any cases where a table is updated, such as if you’re considering compressing a table and want to see if there will be an updates that come along after and uncompress the data. It isn’t perfect, but one handy place to look is in the Plan […]

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Find object from the file id and block number

Every time I hit a wait event where I want to see what object is being hit, I have to look up the query to get the object from the file id and block #, so I’m posting it here for easy access: select e.segment_name, e.* FROM dba_extents e WHERE file_id = 123456 AND 6327867 […]

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