State Contracts

by Granville Bonyata on May 22, 2012

KMC Data has performed over $1 million in state contract work over the last 5 years as a subcontractor, including several large billing/permitting systems for Florida Dept of Agriculture (DOACS) and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

  • Licensing and billing system for all commercial salt water licenses in Florida for FWC, in .NET/C# and SQL Server.
  • An online credit card/ACH payment system for FWC, coordinating between the FWC applications and the credit card processor, written in .NET/C# and SQL Server.
  • Plant pathology tracking database of diseases and pests for biologists at DOACS, a web solution in Oracle, used by biologists from all levels of State Government.
  • Inspection and billing application to handle all Plant Nurseries and Tree Farms in Florida, a web-based solution in Oracle.
  • Inspection and billing application for Florida’s fruit and vegetable crops, using Oracle Forms.
  • Data migrations(large and small scale) from hierarchical databases to Oracle and from Oracle to SQL Server.
  • Track all responses from annual surveys of Alzheimer and Memory clinic patients for the USF Byrd Alzheimer Institute.

All of our State of Florida work is performed under State Contract #973-561-10-1, Information Technology Consulting Services through ROI Consulting. Most of the work has been performed as Staff Augmentation. Project scope has ranged in size from under $10,000 to over $300,000. Please contact us for a list of references.

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